Installing Tile Flooring; What Affects Its Cost?

The Cost of Professional Tile Installation Service

Choosing tiles for your flooring is a wise move. Not only is it an appealing choice, but it’s also highly durable. With countless options, you will find tile flooring to be a perfect match for your current interior design. To ensure the best results, invest in a high-quality tile installation service. Worried about the cost? Here are the things that can affect your professional tile service:

The complexity of the job

Probably the main factor that affects the cost of your professional tile installation service is the overall complexity of the job. In large open areas, for example, the installation job will likely go smoothly and efficiently. But if the installer needs to work on tighter spaces, there could be an extra charge, especially if there is a need to go around plumbing and electrical fixtures. The level of difficulty also increases if you are planning to make a pattern.

The issues with the subflooring

Is your subfloor slanted? Perhaps, it’s uneven. You might incur additional tile installation charges if your subfloor isn’t level. This is because your flooring contractor needs to level if before starting with the installation.

The need to remove existing materials

Tile can’t go on top of other existing flooring materials. Your old flooring might need to be removed to ensure your new tile flooring will be leveled. This means extra cost. Flooring contractors usually charge around $2 per square foot in removing old flooring.

The location

Your current location can also affect the cost of your professional tile service. If your contractor needs to drive for miles just to get to you, you might need to pay an extra charge. If possible, hire a local flooring contractor for a cheaper service fee.

To ensure that the tile flooring installation cost remains under control, you would have to ask for estimates from different contractors. You may contact Daniel Tiles Design.Inc for accurate estimates. We provide our tile services in the Chicago, IL area. For inquiries, you may also call us at (773) 231-9743!

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