Ceramic Tile Installation Tips

Tile Mastic Versus Thinset Mortar Adhesive Which Is the Best

When it comes to ceramic tile installation, liquid adhesives are required. Mastic and thinset mortar are both types of adhesives that are often used for the likes of ceramic, porcelain, and glass tile installations. Both can be confusing because of overlapping applications. This begs the question of which should you use and where should you use them.

Tile Thinset

Inorganic and composed of materials from the earth, thinset is more cost-effective and is available in wet, pre-mixed, or dry, powdery forms. Also, this is available in either unmodified or modified versions. Unmodified contains Portland cement, sand, and water retention agents. Modified thinset has the same elements in addition to liquid latex polymers that help with strength and increase the working time.

A feature of this that is a plus and a minus is that it is slow to cure. This can be a plus because it allows for a longer working time to sort out any misaligned tiles. It can be a minus, though, when working with vertical applications such as bathroom walls and kitchen backslashes because this extra curing time gives the tiles time to sag. Plastic tile spacers are the solution for this.

Tile Mastic

Mastic is a term that refers to fast-grab adhesive. Traditionally, it was an organic plant-based resin obtained from the Pistacia lentiscus shrub, and its term relates to the word masticate, most because of its sticky consistency. Today, the word mastic is not that frequently used, and it is difficult to find tile adhesives that come under the mastic banner at local home centers. For the sake of clarity, look for adhesives that advertise as fast grabbing and have no sag qualities, as these are generally used for porcelain, quarry, stone, mosaic tile, and ceramic.

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